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* Licenses for the external conference systems are not included in the test and must be purchased separately.

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About Notes2conf

As a smart interface, Notes2Conf provides a bridge to external conference solutions without having to make changes or adjustments to the Notes client or mail templates and without having to install anything on the server. When creating an online meeting, the Notes client sends a unique link and possibly also a PIN in the invitation to all participants. This link is a central meeting point. The moderator will also receive a PIN via email and can use this PIN to set up the online conference in the external system (e.g. Teams). The participants wait until the moderator has set up the conference and can then join the conference. The comfort and usual working from the Notes client remains, additionally invitations to MS Teams, WebEx or Zoom can be sent.

What our customers say about us!
Jana Kraus

Notes2conf saves a lot of time in our team, which we can use much more profitably.

Sven Hauser

Thanks to this smart solution from Notes2Conf, I can continue to manage my appointments in one place, just like before, in my Notes system.

Anja Gehrau

Without complicated installation or adjustments to our system, I was able to create Zoom conferences with my team in no time at all from Notes.

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