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For detailed instructions on setting up your HCL Domino server and the HCL Notes client, see

Create a new meeting in your HCL Notes client as usual.
Use the standard function „Online meeting“ and add the
desired video conferencing solution.
Add important information to your meeting in your HCL Notes
calendar, including file attachments.
ll participants will be invited by email, including the participation link.
The moderator/conference manager receives an email with the conference password.
To start the online conference, the participants are directed to the selected
conferencing service via the Notes2conf gateway - no matter whether the moderator
has chosen Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Zoom or Go2Meeting.
Moderator and participants share the video conferencing solution specified by the moderator. Only the moderator needs a corresponding license for MS Teams, Zoom, Go2Meeting or Webex.

Try Notes2conf for 14 days without obligation and free of charge

Are you still not convinced? Test notes2conf to the full for 14 days, completely free of charge and without obligation. The tests will end automatically after 14 days!

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