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Does Notes2conf have to be installed on the server?

No, there is no installation required on the Domino server.

Does the mail template have to be adjusted?

No, there is no need to change/adjust the mail template or clients.

How long does the setup take?

Usually, you will be able to use the interface within a few hours of registering to test or purchase it. Our system will inform you by mail.

Is a license for the video conferencing solution included?

No, we only establish a connection from the Notes system to the corresponding video conferencing solutions. A license for your preferred video conferencing solution is not included; you need to purchase it separately. In most cases, however, it is sufficient for the moderator to purchase a license, but you can find more information on the website of the respective provider.

What happens if a meeting is postponed?

Just as previously, all participants of the meeting will receive a new mail with the corresponding new participation data. For us, this does not change anything; the participation link is included in every new invitation.

Do I need a password to participate?

No, the participants do not need a password, only the creator of the meeting will receive a confirmation mail with a password. This person will also be the moderator. Only the moderator can start the conference. The participants just click on the participation link from the invitation and can join the meeting without a password. If the moderator is unable to attend at the time of the meeting, he or she must hand the password to a participant who can then start the meeting as the moderator.

Can I use the solution On Premises?

Not in this configuration, but we do offer an On Premises solution with a video conferencing solution on your own premises for companies with a particularly high security affinity.

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