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Manage your video conferences directly from HCL Notes

Test Notes2conf free of charge and without obligations for 14 days

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The Problem

The groupware solution HCL Notes has no direct interface to modern video conferencing services, except to the in-house solution HCL Sametime. However, those who do not use Sametime have to create every video conference in the respective conferencing software such as Microsoft Teams or WebEx and manage the participant lists. This results in double work for the employees.

The Solution

It would be easier to create a calendar entry in HCL Notes as usual and automatically invite the participants to the video conference on the respective service. This is now possible with the Notes2conf gateway, which increases employee productivity and IT efficiency. Notes2conf currently offers an automated, cloud-based interface to Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Zoom and Go2Meeting. Additional video conferencing solutions will follow successively.

The advantages

HCL Notes/Domino customers can use Notes2conf to realize a consistent and easy use and integration of video conferencing services. There is no changes to the mail templates, nor are client or server side installations required. The Notes2conf Gateway takes over the coordinating role for the HCL Notes/Domino environment. This enables intuitive user guidance, fast and flexible selection and change of conferencing services and a cost-efficient environment design.

The Highlights
  • No installation on the server Meetings

  • Meetings straight from the Notes client

  • No changes of the mail template

  • No plugins & extensions required

  • Free 14-day test version


Manage Zoom Conferences in HCL Notes

Manage Cisco Webex Conferences in HCL Notes

Manage MS Teams Conferences in HCL Notes

Manage Go2Meeting Conferences in HCL Notes

Manage Lifesize conferences in HCL Notes

Try Notes2conf for 14 days without obligation and free of charge

Are you still not convinced? Try Notes2conf for 14 days completely free of charge and without obligation. The tests will end automatically after 14 days!

What our customers say about us!
Eduard Wollinski

No adaptation to mail templates, no installations on my server, so full flexibility when it comes to connecting new systems, great job guys!

Andreas Kaufmann

With Notes2Conf we increase our flexibility with regard to new video conference systems. No installation or mail template adjustments necessary.

Steve Gubbins

We are happy with this smart Solution from Notes2Conf as we can schedule and plan in different systems from our Notes client the various conferences, great!

Sven Hauser

With this smart solution from Notes2Conf, I continue to manage my appointments in a central location, as before, in my Notes system, great!

Sabine Rozynski

Perfectly “connected”, because no matter which system our customers use, with Notes2Conf we can create the invitation from Notes in a matter of seconds.

Anja Gehrau

Without cumbersome installation or adjustments to our system, my team and I were able to create conferences from Notes in Zoom in no time.

What exactly is Notes2conf?

As a smart interface, Notes2Conf provides a bridge to external conference systems without the need to change or adjust the Notes client or mail templates and without having to install anything on the server. When creating an online meeting, the Notes client sends a unique link, possibly also a PIN, to all participants along with the invitation. This link is a central meeting point. The moderator will also receive a PIN via email and can use it to set up the online conference in the external system (e.g. Teams). The participants wait until the moderator has set up the conference and the participants can then join the conference. The comfort and the usual workflow in the Notes client remains the same. Additionally, invitations to MS Teams, WebEx or Zoom can now be sent.

Overview of Notes2conf
  • No installation on the Domino server required.
  • No change/adjustment to the mail template or clients required.
  • ONLY one interface for different online conference systems.
  • Integration of video conferencing systems into the Notes client. Currently, MS Teams, WebEx, Zoom and WebEX are available, others will follow.
  • All advantages of the Notes client fully remain.
  • Appointment postponements or changes are scheduled as usual, Notes2conf as an interface automatically adapts these changes to MS Teams, Zoom, WebEx and GoToMeeting.
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